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Sargam Dance School is Austin's premier dance school teaching Bharatnatyam and Bollywood style of dances in Austin for 10 years.


The mission of Sargam Dance School is to foster a love for fine arts, build self-confidence and engage students through the happy medium of dance.

At Sargam Dance School, a large number of enthusiastic students from diverse cultural background come together to train in a systematic and professional manner.


Sargam Dance School’s students have been featured on prestigious South Asian TV channels, South Asian Newspapers, Austin American Statesman newspaper, various School District events. Our grand Annual Dance Recital is a must watch showcase!!


Sargam Dance School has also been involved in hosting fundraisers through the medium of dance for several non-profit organizations in Austin.


Our goal is to bring a smile on everyone’s face as they immerse themselves into the beautiful art of dance!

Meet our Founder and Director

Mrs. Mansi Muchhala Patel is the Founder and Director of Sargam Dance School.  She has been teaching and choreographing Bharatnatyam, Folk and Bollywood dances in Austin for over 11 years. She fosters a love for the fine arts, engages her students through the happy medium of dance, builds their self-confidence and instills discipline in her students through their dance.


Mansi Muchhala Patel  is an accomplished dancer and earned her degree in dance after 13 years of intensive training from her Guru late Shreemati Dr.Jayanti Chandorikar, who herself was the disciple of the renowned Guru Shree Kubernath Tanjorker.


Brihad Gujarat Sangeet Samiti, an institution of the Government of India, has designated her as a Certified Examiner of Classical Dance. 


Mansi Muchhala Patel wants to expose the richness, beauty and essence of Indian culture through the medium of dance. Her mission is to make Sargam Dance School a haven where students can weave dreams and create magic through dance.

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