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We are now offering In-person and Online Lessons for Bharatnatyam & Bollywood for all skill levels and age groups.
Spring 2023 Classes begin Sunday, January 22nd
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Please contact for more details on all classes.

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Learn one of the oldest forms of classical dance from India. Learn to express and commucnite with your audience through hand gestures, intricate footwork and beautiful expressions. We offer different classes for various skill levels. Please contact us to find a class which is best fit for you.



Immerse yourself into the glamorous world of Bollywood and learn popular dance and fun dance styles. 

We offer different classes based on age and skill level. Please contact us to find a class which is best fit for you.​

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Learn a beautiful choreography for your special event. We offer private lessons for individuals and groups. Please contact us with details to make your special event even more memorable.

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